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Amazon Echo Alexa

Create a voice activated home

Our experienced home automation installers can create a voice activated home using the Amazon Echo Alexa and its compatible smart home system – Control4.

Despite the Echo Alexa only being launched in 2014, we’ve seen its exciting new capabilities and the demand for our Amazon Echo Alexa Installer services grow rapidly. To find out more about Amazon Alexa call one of our friendly directors on 0844 870 4807 to discuss your voice activated smart home installation.

What is Amazon Alexa?
Control4 Compatibility

What can Alexa do?

Alexa is a voice activated assistant that can control your smart home. Give it a voice command, rather like Google and Siri, and you’re able to speak to your home to get it to do things – we think it’s very cool.

You can ask Alexa to play music, read the headlines or give you a weather or traffic update. But teamed up with smart home systems such as Control4, Alexa can also be used to control the devices in your home. This enables you to control your home by voice simply by asking Alexa to turn off lights or turn up the heating for example. Her skills are growing rapidly and she can learn more skills as new technologies emerge.

Is Amazon Alexa compatible with Control4?

Yes, thanks to Amazon’s approach to open software, we can now team up your Amazon Alexa device with devices controlled by a Control4 system. So, with one voice command to Alexa “bedtime” for example, Control4 will carry out your pre-programmed instructions such as turning all the lights off in the house whilst activating security outdoor lighting.


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