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CCTV Installer

Understanding the importance of home security

We’re experts in CCTV installation because we understand the importance of home security. That’s why we offer you the very best CCTV Security Systems. Our high tech security systems integrate seamlessly into our smart home technology solutions enabling you to view your CCTV and allowing access to your property from within any chosen room in your home or from a smart device.

We’ll not only carry out the CCTV installations but plan, design and provide advice on integrating CCTV technology into your home – focusing on areas that are most vulnerable.

We can advise on the right CCTV system for your property. HD in quality but systems can differ slightly in regards to installation methods.

We supply, design and install the very best CCTV solutions for your property.

Hik vision CCTV
Cabling Systems

Leaders of CCTV technology

Hik vision are currently leading the way with CCTV technology. There innovative approach to the improvement of CCTV means they are the first company to specialize in providing full colour high definition CCTV images at night using their darkfighter range of camera products. They also cover the full range of cabling systems available so if you have old cabling in place chances are Hik vision will have a range of cameras and DVR/NVR recroding solutions to bring a dated system up to date with crystal clear image quality.

Value for money and superb reliability

We choose Lilin security cameras for there value for money and superb reliability. They have a camera for every solution including custom finish ameras. Custom finish cameras is a solution offered by Lilin which allows the client to match the finish of the camera to a given surface to create an almost invisible installation.

Smart architects design smart homes

IP CCTV allows each camera in the system to transmit video, control, power and audio down a single cable resulting in neater and quicker installs. Ip cameras are HD and provide super sharp images even at night. Their pan tilt zoom cameras offer great quality and are perfect for covering large areas.

Improve CCTV picture quality

SD HDI uses coaxial cable to transmit video and another cable to transmit power. They are able to record video at 1080p resolution. In some cases it is possible to upgrade an existing standard definition system using coax and power to an HD SDI system to improve the picture quality of your system.


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