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Get the best acoustic arrangement available

Our team of home technology engineers can undertake room acoustic surveys to identify where well designed loudspeakers are placed in key listening areas such as dedicated home cinema rooms or a hifi room. We supply, design and install high-end acoustic products to homes in Hertfordshire, Essex and London.

Acoustic Design

Improve your sound quality

Room Acoustics are effected by the design of the room, construction and finish. Therefore if sound quality is of paramount importance we are pleased to offer acoustic design and installation services to ensure you are receiving the best from your audio system in your favourite room!

We design and install the very best Acoustic solutions for your home or business. Contact us to discuss room acoustic surveys in your home.

High end Artnovion acoustic products

We can supply, plan and install Artnovion acoustic products. Artnovion have a great range of high-end acoustic products.


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