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Multi Room AV Installers

Installing AV to any room in your home

Our specialist multi room AV installers have completed many projects in London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. We can install the very latest and best AV wireless solutions to deliver audio and video streaming to any room in your home. We use the latest cutting edge technology available on the market today including Control4.

We are experienced in providing access to your AV via a single integrated home control system. So whether you are just looking for specialist AV advice or a home automation company that can design, plan and integrate your audio visual steaming, get in touch today.


Top quality, functional home automation solutions

Control 4 creates the perfect platform for controlling a smart home. We have extensive knowledge of Control 4 and have been installing it since it first came to the UK in 2003.

We have seen Control4 grow and turn into an extremely versatile and capable system suitable for one room apartments to the largest residential or commercial properties. Control 4 is easily expandable so you can start small and add to your system over time.

As Control 4 PLATINUM dealers we are committed to installing top quality, functional home automation solutions using Control 4 – providing the right components from the latest Control 4 product range to suit your budget and requirements.

Find out more about our Control4 installation services.

Quality audio streaming

Sonos is the perfect solution for retrofit installation. It’s easy to use and music streaming is second to none. Sonos can integrated into a larger home control solution to provide the main source of music streaming around the home or business.

The Sonos Play bar TV sound bar is where music streaming and high quality TV sound combine. Today’s ultra thin TV’s aren’t renowned for their high quality sound, with the addition of a Sonos playbar both internet music streaming and better quality TV sound can be achieved from one device. Wiht the use of an Apple iphone, ipad or android device you can control the sonos playbar, you can also program your normal TV remote to control the playbar when in TV mode!

Amina® provides unsurpassed sales support and fast products shipment. Their research and product development teams are at the world’s leading edge in the field of new technology sound transducers. Their dedication to quality and performance continues to refine and re-define our current offerings of Distributed Mode Loudspeaker panels, as they persist in discovering new ways of producing sonic excellence within our mandate.

Amina® aims to help individuals and corporations create lifestyle environments that benefit from modern entertainment, information and communication systems whilst not having the design of their living or work environment corrupted by visually obvious technology.

Video walls and digital signage

Just Add Power’s flexible and almost infinitely expandable architecture make it a superb choice for any size project to give you the exact number of video points are required – no wasted inputs or outputs for projects where video matrix I/o’s configurations don’t add up.

Just Add Power is perfect for projects where large video walls are required, their cost effective, easy to cable modular system allows a wide range of video wall configurations. Great for digital signage where visual clarity and larger image scale is required


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