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We are Security Alarm Installers covering Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and London. We have extensive knowledge of the latest security alarm systems available on the market today.  Every home or property will have different security requirements whether that’s wired or wireless, visual or discreet devices; or integration with your home automation system. We’ll provide the right advice, explaining the different options – ensuring the right security system is installed.

DSC Alarms
Ksenia Alarms
Which security system to choose?

Feature rich and user friendly security systems

DSC security alarms are one of the most feature rich and user friendly security systems available on the market today. The Power series range of security products give a superb amount of options when it comes to securing the home or workplace. DSC wired and wireless products are some of the best and most discreet in the industry. Their EZ wireless range of sensors have an incredible range of up to 400m. DSC in frame wireless contacts are perfect for tricky doors or windows that don’t line up. The sensors are installed in the frames and operate using plungers creating an invisible detection device. This avoids unsightly devices and makes it harder for intruders to plan their point of entry!

DSC systems can protect up to 64 zones of detection with a mixture of wired and wireless devices. DSC Powerseries systems can also seamlessly integrate with Control 4. The integration makes it possible to arm and disarm the system using the Control 4 app via wall mounted touchscreens, smart phones or tablet. Integration features with the Control4 system can be taken further by operating lights to flash on and off gate or shutters to close in the event of an alarm trigger.

IP enabled alarm systems

When 64 zones of detection aren’t enough or a more discreet look is required we look to Ksenia Ip security solutions to secure the largest and aesthetically minded properties. The Ksenia system is so scalable is can handle up 1024 zones of detection!

Ksenia are one of the first truly IP enabled alarm systems and are very much leading the way in this field. Their sensors are the best looking in the industry and the flexibility of how their systems are installed makes them one of the quickest alarm systems to deploy. The features that come with the Ksenia system out the box are an industry first its possible to do so much without the need of extra devices such as speech diallers, Ethernet cards etc – with Ksenia its all in the box and ready to go.

Ksenia alarm systems also integrate with our Control 4 automation system installation and the features and controls give a huge amount of options for automating security and audio visual devices.

Which is the right security system for my property?

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