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digital signage

Planners and installers of networked digital signage for commercial settings

We’ve installed many digital signage solutions in London and the surrounding areas including digital menu boards which provide the very best in commercial digital display systems.

Our team of specialists can advise, plan and install networked digital signage for commercial settings such as cafes and restaurants, as well as undertake projector installations and corporate AV. We’re experienced in creating video walls for large businesses and have carried out many digital signage solutions in London and the UK for large corporate clients including Tescos.

Visit our gallery to view some of our completed digital signage solutions in London.

Tesco Installation

Networked Digital Signage

BrightSign are the market leader in digital signage. We’re experienced digital signage installers in London and the surrounding areas.

Networked digital signage is the solution for the fast changing market of advertising. Using digital signage its possible to display content to your customers using high definition video, graphics and text to provide eye catching marketing campaigns.

As well as just providing installations, our connections with leading multimedia and video graphics companies such as BrightSign allow us to offer fully designed and customised advertising packages – please contact us to arrange a free digital signage demo and consultation.

We design and install the very best digital signage solutions for your business.

A digital signage project for Tesco

Following the launch of the Premium Café digital menu solution, the cafés have seen a significant uplift in sales & now attracts a more affluent customer.

The Tesco café at the Stourbridge site has a bank of six 42″ LCD screens is suspended over the counter, four of which are in a wide sweep, giving an impressive focal point to the Café. The screens display daily offers scheduled to change at specific times during the day, keeping the content relevant and fresh. This site also has counter top tablets to display the coffee menu.

The solution installed by Allen Creative and us has been designed so that it can be expanded as and when required in future.

This project demonstrates how effectively digital signage can be used to transform and reposition a brand. The ease of use of ONELAN’s solution combined with the installers expertise has fulfilled Tesco’s expectations and engendered up to 50% increase in sales growth in some of the new style cafés.

Perfect for dynamic, low cost replacement advertising for businesses.


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